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When will my exchange be shipped?
Updated over a week ago

For standard exchanges:

The items from your initial order must first be returned, received, AND checked by the logistics department of the brand from which you made your purchase.

Once your package is verified, your exchange order is then shipped.

For instant exchanges (option available for some partner brands):

Instant exchanges are subject to a bank authorization (debit and automatic credit) to verify that you have sufficient funds.

Once this verification is completed and your exchange request is validated on the return interface, the brand from which you made your purchase can proceed with the preparation and shipment of your exchange as soon as possible.

The shipment of instant exchanges is not subject to the receipt and verification of your return package.

If you wish to inquire about the status of your exchange shipment:

📩 We encourage you to contact the brand directly from which you made your purchase by visiting their website.

The Elyn chat (bottom right) is solely dedicated to technical issues related to the return interface: we do not handle additional requests.

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