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My order is not recognized / I have lost my credentials
Updated over a week ago

🔐 If your credentials are incorrect (order not recognized):

  • You should be able to find them in the emails associated with your order.

  • Make sure to remove any special characters (e.g., #) and enter only the numbers.

  • If it is an exchange order, you need to add the prefix EXC- (for example: if your original order number was 123456, to log in to the return interface dedicated to your exchange, you would need to enter EXC-123456).

🔎 If you have forgotten your credentials (order number or email address associated with your order) or still cannot log in:

📩 We invite you to directly contact the brand where you placed your order by visiting their website to obtain a customized link.

The Elyn chat (bottom right) is dedicated solely to technical issues related to the return interface: we do not handle additional requests.

⚠️ If you receive an error message indicating that the return deadline has passed, please refer to the dedicated article.

💡 Good to know, if you have made your purchase on one of the following websites, please refer directly to the dedicated return conditions to be able to return your purchases:

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